Network Infrastructure Support

Cloud Migration & Management

Our IT infrastructure support includes all elements that support the management and usability of data and information. These include the physical hardware and facilities (including data centers), Cloud migrations, data storage and retrieval, network systems, legacy interfaces, and software to support the business goals of an enterprise.

IT Security:  Internal, External & Compliance

Securing our clients' hardware, software, email & data is very important.  The level of sophistication for IT security is dependent upon our clients' budget, compliance issues, and sensitivity to potential breaches.  

Backup Solutions:  Onsite & Remote/Cloud

Every client has a robust backup solution, onsite & remote, to make sure their data is safe, secure & recoverable.  Our hardware & software backup solutions are scaled for our clients' size & requirements such as compliance with PCI, Hippa...Our office, free of charge, makes sure that a successful backup is completed daily.  It's just part of our service.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions

has provided our clients with some fairly inexpensive disaster recovery solutions in the Cloud, such as AWS.  We like our clients to have the option of a DR or Business Continuity Solution so, if disaster strikes, they are prepared.

Remote & Onsite Desktop Support

For companies without in-house IT support, we have tailored desktop support solutions at extremely competitive rates.   

​Why We're Unique

We Provide Personalized Service & Solutions.

Every client is a bit different in their expectations about IT support.  We work with our clients to accommodate their unique expectations while making sure their IT assets are protected & secure.  A key part to proactive IT support & personalized IT service is just being onsite - Getting to know the key players and the obstacles that may be hindering productivity.

And We Provide 24/7 Emergency Support. 

We provide emergency support remotely within minutes of the call or if our monitoring picks up a problem.  If the problem can't be remedied remotely within a reasonable time span, we guarantee a two hour response for an engineer to be onsite - at your business.  That being said, we have very few emergencies every year.  We keep your systems current, secure, protected, monitored, backed up, replicated, & with a lot of redundancy.

More About Our Unique "Cost Versus Benefit" Approach to IT Resources

Is technology costing your business more every year?  Part of our role, as an IT partner & technical resource, is to watch our clients' bottom line.  We've seen IT companies & internal IT departments put their clients and/or employers at risk financially with:

  • Cloud or IT solutions that were too cost prohibitive;

  • End-of-life hardware & software causing security risks or taking their businesses down for prolonged periods of time;

  • And/or lack of IT security, proper backup solutions, DR solutions...

​Our goal is to provide affordable 5 year solutions that protects & secures our clients' IT environments.  We monitor & proactively manage your IT environment.  Our labor costs?  Our clients are only charged when they are actively using our services.  And they are always informed, beforehand, that we are working on their systems, to avoid unnecessary surprise invoices.  Our model does not have high monthly, subscription-based fees for managed services.

On average, our model is 20 to 30 percent less money than subscription-based managed services.

And, as a result, our clients remain with us for years.

​Our case study is an example of what we try to accomplish for each of our clients.

Although extreme, we saved our client over $240,000 per year.

​We have hundreds of clients, from small businesses to corporate enterprises, in every industry.  Please take a moment to review our online references, clients' testimonials, & how our culture helps us succeed in a very competitive & crowded field of IT support companies..


We start every engagement with a free IT infrastructure audit

​For every new client, conducts a free IT audit designed to provide a snapshot of your current IT infrastructure.  It's a high level audit to detect possible weaknesses that could cause potential downtime or security risks.  We look at your server(s), backup solutions, IT security including firewall(s) & antivirus, backup solutions...


We sit down with your decision-makers to go over the results & provide a proposal, if needed, to improve the security & stability of your IT assets.