Connect with your patients, providers and staff

Traditional mobile app development technologies require separate teams and skill sets to deliver iOS and Android versions. This creates excess costs both in the initial development of the apps as well as maintenance.

360 healthcare app developers leverage the latest technologies, enabling you to deliver iOS and Android versions from one team and one common programming language. This provides significant competitive advantages including:

  • 1. Faster implementation across both iOS and Android versions
  • 2. Reduced development cost
  • 3. Increased application enhancement capabilities
  • 4. More efficient app maintenance

Rich functionality to set your app apart from the rest

As a leading healthcare app development company, 360 has extensive experience in custom, HIPAA-compliant healthcare app development, having developed some of the industry‚Äôs most feature-rich apps. Some of the INTEGRATED functionality we have experience with includes:

  • Bill pay
  • Rx refill requests
  • Physician search
  • Location search
  • Urgent care wait times
  • Secure messaging
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient notifications/reminders
  • CCDA based health summaries
  • Lab results
  • News and Events
  • Symptom checker
  • Video library