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What is cloud Administration?

The word ‘Cloud Computing’ has taken the world by storm and it exists almost everywhere. Microsoft Azure Cloud and AWS are considered as an important players in cloud computing ecosystem, which provides storing and accessing your applications on the go. It also offers excellent features like auto-scaling, load balancing and security. However, if you are willing to migrate on a enterprise cloud, you might require specialized support to maintain your applications hosted on these dashboard managed services. We at 360 have experienced and highly skilled Azure and AWS administrators to provide you support right in your premises or offsite.

Why do you need a cloud system administrator?

  • Customers using Azure cloud usually find it difficult to manage the Azure applications and hence an experienced administrator can be helpful.
  • Understanding the deployment topology can be complex for Azure cloud platform and hence Azure administrator might be helpful.
  • Complex applications consist of multiple cloud layers owing to their distributed nature, therefore, tracking the performance of the application can be challenging.
  • The Azure ecosystem is vast and hence, troubleshooting problems associated with Azure cloud may require highly skilled individuals.

    360 has a team of trained and skilled administrators who seamlessly manage the administration tasks which might include configuration, taking backups, enhancing performance and scalability, storage optimization, security and monitoring on both Windows and Linux operating systems. Furthermore, our administrators are certified with implementing cloud infrastructure solutions. Hence, they have a complete knowledge of diagnosing cloud related issues and failures at an initial stage.

    Looking for a skilled Azure or AWS administrator to manage and monitor your applications? Kindly contact us at Our skilled administrators will be delighted to help with right kind of solutions.